Web-based HRM Analysis for Data from any Thermocycler

Sponsor: Canon Biomedical

The NovalleleTM HRM Analyzer allows scientists to analyze data from any thermocycler. Until now scientists who genotype using a thermocycler have relied on the software accompany­ing the instrument for data analysis. This model has prevented scientists from easy comparison of data derived from different thermocyclers. The Novallele HRM Analyzer solves this problem via a free, web-based software that can analyze data from differ­ent thermocyclers and well-plate formats. The new software pro­vides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with a broad set of algorithms capable of analyzing high-resolution melting (HRM) data from different thermocyclers. PCR followed by HRM is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective method for DNA genotyping. The Novallele HRM Analyzer compliments the Novallele geno­typing assays, in conjunction with the Novallele Controls Sets, to seamlessly analyze HRM data.